Breathing in, we align ourselves with the breath of the universe. Breathing out, we realize the pure power of love resonating within every aspect of our being.

Breathing in, we realize that we are the light that we need to heal the world. Breathing in, we send that light of perfect health and wholeness to beings everywhere present.

We are the pure energy of love that we seek. We are the whole being of absolute good that we need.

We are the hope of new beginnings.
We pause in the amazing opportunity of each breath: one tribe of peace,
one amazing family,
one synergy of lasting wisdom,
one truth of perfect power
standing on the shoulders of the ancestors we all share.

In the silence,
we can share the pure power and synergy of being one.

We believe that we are different because of our skin color, or our language, or the texture of our hair, but we are the same species, born of the same ancestors, originated from the same tribe.

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