We pause together
on Mindful Mondays,
but every day and every moment
presents us with an opportunity
to engage in deep listening.

When we pause,
we nourish the mind, body, heart,
and soul.

Pause here, with Gina
by clicking above,
and honor yourself with
the power of the present moment.

Nourishment does not only
come from food
but also from taking a pause
and remembering that we are more spirit
than flesh.

Nourishment is the ability
to slow down,
to take the time
to breathe,
to listen,
to create,
to see,
to honor,
to appreciate,
and enjoy each bite we take.

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“Great generosity springs naturally out of a sense of health and wholeness of our being. In the best of traditional cultures, where people are embraced and nourished on both the physical and spiritual levels, they grow up with a sense of ample inner and outer resources. Generosity, sharing, and interdependence become a natural way of life.”

Jack Kornfield, from A Path with Heart
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“One student who had tried to ignore her body over many years of meditative spiritual practice kept getting sick. In part, it was the compulsiveness of her spiritual striving that was making her sick. Finally, she became so sick she was compelled to incorporate a regimen of exercise, diet, and conscious yoga in her practice. As soon as she acknowledged and honored her body, it began to nourish her well-being in every other part of her life, and out of this her silent meditation itself became deeper, fuller, and more profound.”

Jack Kornfield, from A Path with Heart

“It’s nourishing and replenishing
to take delight
in the good that moves through us.”

Sharon Salzberg, from Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

“Whatever language we use to describe
healthy relationships,
when we’re in them,
we feel nourished by them,
in body as well as mind.”

Sharon Salzberg. from Real Love:
The Art of Mindful Connection

“The good news is that
opportunities for love
enter our lives unpredictably,
whether or not we’ve perfected
or befriended our inner critic.

When we develop our ability
to love in one realm,
we simultaneously nourish
our ability in others,
as long as we remain open
to the flow of insight
and compassion.”

Sharon Salzberg. from Real Love:
The Art of Mindful Connection
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“All of us can cultivate our heart,
no matter what.
We can nourish the seeds
of loving friendliness
until the force of loving friendliness
blossoms in all our endeavors.”

Henepola Gunaratana,
from Mindfulness in Plain English

Gina Leow, a deep listening practitioner, is the Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at PBS, where she leads Mindful Mondays. Among several other awards, Gina was honored as one of Lawline’s Top Women Faculty of 2020 for the Eliminating Bias: Inclusive Leadership in the Legal Profession program. She was also one of the first officers of the New York City Bar Association’s Mindfulness and Well-Being in Law Committee and Curator the Associations’s first Mindfulness and Well-Being Toolkit. In addition to several other activities, she currently serves as the Vice President of the New York City Peace Corps Association’s Board of Directors and a representative of the Ribbon International NGO to the United Nations.

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