FIND POWER IN THE LOTUS: April 3-9, 2023

Join Abayomi Ajaiyeoba (“Yomi”) on this powerful and restorative meditation on the lotus.

Nigerian born and raised in New York City, Yomi is a thought leader who champions diversity, equity and belonging and has a passion for fostering positive work environments and communities for everyone.  She believes in the power of joy which she infuses in her mindfulness, restorative justice, wellness and holistic practices. 

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Yomi writes:

I plant my seeds of serenity within the lotus of my heart, my center. 
The flame of love dwells here and illuminates my spirit. 
My lotus – the essence of my transformation-
sprouts in the seat of my soul
and spreads its petals,
bearing witness to my rebirth.
Deep within lies the power of my flower – the lotus. 
With the utterance of the word ASE,
I invoke change and with deep meditation connect
with the energy of the life force.
  As I emerge, I radiate self-renewal. 
I radiate peace.
I radiate love.
I radiate balance.
I radiate with a healing energy. 
I simply radiate.

“’Om Mani Padme Hum’ translates to ‘hail the jewel in the lotus flower.’ 
Like my mother here,
the metaphor of the lotus always resonated with me
particularly because of the lotus’s ability to thrive
and blossom through challenges [muddy] waters.”

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“I appreciate the evident power of the lotus because notwithstanding that it sleeps in the mud every night, it resurfaces each morning, with its clean flowers emerging once again in the sun.”

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“I believe that this is the embodiment of life, which demonstrates that the dawn of a new day brings a fresh start and a new beginning.”

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” I often likened myself to the lotus – being able to shine and endeavoring to not allow any external forces (represented by the mud) to steal my joy.”

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Yomi has been divinely inspired to connect, help, encourage and uplift others in a way that makes them feel as though they matter and have a voice.  

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Joy is Yomi’s centerpiece as she prides herself on being the nectar of joy that makes people feel loved, valued, supported, welcomed, connected, seen and heard.

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