Slow down and center in the power that you are
by realizing that the air that you breathe
and space that you take up
supports your readiness.

You can access this week’s meditation by clicking
on the video above.

With readiness, we move ourselves out of the way
to allow our good to manifest
right where we are.

I breathe in the wisdom
that surrounds me,
lifts me,
guides me,
blesses me,
and I am ready.

With readiness, I can be still
without worry, stress or fear.

I can be ready without anxiety, realizing that
the present moment breathes as the full
realization of my goals
right where I am.

With readiness, I can release and let go
of the pettiness, resentment and need for revenge.
Grudges are not part of my readiness,
only love is.

Readiness brings me great joy.

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