BE NOT CONTENT WITH LITTLENESS: November 28-December 4, 2022

The first step beyond “littleness” is to
center in the vast realm of infinite possibility,
open to the kingdom within.

Have you given yourself a purposeful pause
to simply be one
with your greatness?

Above is a guided meditation
to be used as a catalyst
to center in divine mind
always waiting
to reveal your greatness to you.

Just click on the arrow
to listen to all or part of a 20-minute
guided meditation.

When you take a moment
and breathe in the
nothingness, nowhere,
and nothing,
you are more receptive
to the pure possibility
that is unseen.

Love is the pure power
that is always unfolding
the unlimited potential
that expresses, gives
and unfolds as us.

Breathe through pettiness, fear, and criticism.
The greater things that you are here to do
transcend the marginal,
the mediocre,
and the messiness.

There is no separation from our good
and all that we are.
Time is a construct.
The good that we seek
is already present.

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