I BEGIN ANEW: July 27, 2022

Today I center in the power and presence of love
and experience what is true in me.

Love knows me as absolute good.

I breathe in its awareness,
still as now,
simply breathing into itself.

BREATHE IN THE NEW WITH THE POWER OF THIS MEDITATION, CELEBRATING “Peaceful Mind” by the Peaceful Music Orchestra; “Breaths” by Sweet Honey and the Rock; “Brindavan Hare Ram” by Krishna Das; and “Prayer of Peace” by Peter Kater – all of which can be supported by purchasing them or other songs by these artists on i-Tunes.

I breathe beyond judgment,
regardless of what comes up.

I breathe beyond doubt,
worry and fear.

I breathe beyond all thoughts of what I am
and what God is.

And I begin again.

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