WONDER: June 12-13, 2022

“I remember during the Vietnam war, we had so many things to worry about—the bombs were falling every day and people continued to die. My mind was concentrated only on how to help stop the war, stop the killing and all the suffering. I did not have time to get in touch with the wonders of life that are refreshing and healing. I was not getting enough nutrition, the kind of nutrition that I needed. So one day Sr. Chan Khong brought a basket of fresh herbs . . . [a]nd I just marveled at them. . . . . I had not had the time to think of . . . the things that represent the wonders of life. This experience taught me that I should not be completely immersed in the work, getting drowned in it. I should have the time to live, to get in touch with the refreshing and healing elements in myself and around me in the world.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, Thich, from Together We Are One

“Those of us who are activists always want very much to succeed in our attempt to help the world, but if we do not maintain balance between our work and our spiritual nutrition, our practice, we will not be able to go very far.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, from TOGETHER WE ARE ONE
Take time to wonder. Listen here to a guided meditation. In the joy of wonder, what comes up for you?
Wonder about music at iTunes, JULIE TRUE, MUSIC TO JOURNAL BY, Heavenly Light and Living Water.

Wonder is the simplicity of being in the now, without worry about tomorrow. We need to take time to wonder and to wander. In wandering, we can return to walking meditations, mindful breathing.

As Thay taught, “getting in touch with the refreshing and healing elements in and around us is crucial for our survival. It will help us to continue for a long time.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, from Together We Are One

If we fail to wonder,
we do not see the joy
that is right before our eyes.

“The Buddha offers us wonderful practices so we can end our worries, our suffering, our seeking, our regrets, and so we can be in contact with the wonders of life in the present moment. Then we can open our arms to embrace all people and all species without discrimination, and everybody can become the object of our love.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, from Together We Are One

In each breath,
I discover new ways to wonder
and appreciate the joy
that is within each moment.

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