LOVE IS OUR MIRACLE: April 11-12, 2022

When we open our hearts
to the absolute good
that is always available to us,
we allow our miracles
to flow with ease.

The pouring of a well-spring
of love
that never stops flowing
lifts us
in the divine
that we are,
the kingdom
that is neither here
nor there
but is within, without
and everywhere present.


I move me out of my way today
and flow with the
light of perfect divine order,
all in alignment
with what I need
when I need it.

What would you give yourself
in the flow
of all that you every wanted
to give to others?

What would you never withhold from yourself?

What do you have need of
before you even ask?

Today, I let go
and flow
with the miracle
that I am.

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