HOPE ANCHORS MY SOUL: January 6, 2022

“To place your hopes where no hope lies must make you hopeless. [But] hopelessness [is] your choice, while you would seek for hope where none is ever found.”

A Course in Miracles

“It has been hopeless to attempt to find the hope of peace upon a battleground. . .[P]ain and sin are one illusion, as are hate and fear, attack and guilt . . . . [L]ove must come wherever they are not.”

A Course in Miracles

Hebrews 6:17-19 says we should “take hold of the hope set before us [so that we] may be greatly encouraged” and so that we have “hope as an anchor for the soul.” 

Hope can be found in the silence of a simple breath, as we rise anew, refreshed by the anchor that tethers us to the truth that we are more than greed and selfishness, more than division and bullying, more than “us” and “them.”

When we are anchored to the truth that we are not here for ourselves but for each other, we find our way back to the light that leads us out of the darkness of sickness and despair, and we lean into the awareness that lifts us above all pain, all poison, and all lies.

The truth that sets us free is the inhalation of hope, breathed as love. We can allow the greater good of love to anchor our souls with hope, a balm of oneness that is the grace of all we need to heal.

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Arise, filled with the love of hope.

Unconditional love lifts us beyond hope to demonstrate the greater good of miracles that are always present.

We are one family of all beginnings, the hope of one truth.

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