PATIENCE IS LIGHT: November 30, 2021

A Course in Miracles teaches us that our highest Christ Consciousness says “I am come as a light into the world,” means I came to share the light with you. Where you find that light is up to you, but patience is a huge part of it. The course says "Your patience with your brother is your patience with yourself."

Everyone is worth patience, especially ourselves.

The Course says “only infinite patience produces immediate effects.”

“This is the way in which time is exchanged for eternity. Infinite patience calls upon infinite love, and by producing results now it renders time unnecessary.”

“We have repeatedly said that time is a learning device to be abolished when it is no longer useful. The Holy Spirit, Who speaks for God in time, also knows that time is meaningless. S/He reminds you of this in every passing moment of time, because it is [Their] special function to return you to eternity and remain to bless your creations there.”

The Course says, “time is meaningless.” Only eternity matters.

With this patience, we can slow down and be with each moment as the light of eternal love.

In the light of PATIENCE, I AM still and know that I AM the Love of all that Is.

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