TO BE, DO NOTHING BUT BREATHE: October 20-24, 2021

The moment is here,
waiting for us
to give way to it,
a source that is

Where is it?
We ask ourselves.
Where is the beginning
awaiting endless
breaths of
pure potential
being our best?

Its in the hope
of the air that we breathe
and the space that we take up,
aware of the goodness
of who we are
unscarred by
anyone’s fear
and fortified
by the space
of nothing,
no how,

Leave for a single breath,
whatever you have conjured
to experience as past,
and marvel at the
taste of the freedom
of now
in each moment.

You can just allow its
to fill your soul
with just

Listen for in the moment you give yourself, pausing in the breath of now.

and plenty of it
is the center
of a mindfulness practice,
the sensation
of not needing
or anything
in particular, except
a moment.

Be one with
realizing there is
the truth of love
and its endless gift
of surrender
to the absolute good
of being now.

There is nothing
that you can do wrong
except fail to honor
who you are,
your unique contribution
of being
right where
you are,
centered in the power
of each breath
that delivers
your witness
to this moment.

Nothing greater
or lesser than,
nothing full
or empty,
just the breath
of your magnificence,
the space
to surrender
without judgment. . . .

. . . . the harmony
of spaces
without fear,
or worry.

To be,
do nothing
but breathe.

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