Forgiveness is not a weakness;
it is a strength.
It requires courage and strength
to release people and situations
who have harmed us.

People will always live
with the consequences of their actions.
Processing forgiveness is not quick;
it does not require us to forget,
deny, nor pretend that something did not happen.
Forgiveness does not deny history
nor refrain from seeking justice.

People are in our lives for a season,
a reason, or a lifetime
and when that period ends,
we must let them go.

We cannot control the way people make decisions, and we must respect them for who they are, regardless of our differences. Sometimes people will not accept us for who we are; however, that is not a sign we need to change. We cannot change other people; they do that for themselves. But we can change how we allow others to impact our lives.

Pause, and see differently, by listening here.

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We can see beyond fear
to forgiveness.

We can see beyond doubt to love,
which heals, transforms,
and delivers.

With each breath, I see things differently.

I sit in the awareness of discomfort,
of despair, of messiness –
and I breathe in their guidance,
their opening to new beginnings.

With each breath, we can see things differently.

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