SEE DIFFERENTLY: August 29, 2021

With each breath,
I see things differently.

I breathe in the awareness
of what we call sight,
realizing that I have the power
to see rightly –
beyond judgment,
beyond regret,
beyond worry,
beyond stress,
beyond fear.

I see beyond never
to the pure possibility
of infinite ideas.

I see beyond stress
to success.

Pause, and see differently, by listening here.

Support the music of Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai on iTunes: Lighting the Flame, Nemi-Sacred Grove, Service, Sonoria, and Wandering

I see beyond challenges
to grace.

I see beyond hopelessness
to faith.

I see beyond worry
to wisdom.

I see beyond judgment
to generosity.

I see beyond endings
to beginnings.

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