WELCOME: August 24, 2021

Here is a moment to draw upon the breath
that connects us all.

Breathe deeply.
As you inhale, witness the pure energy of love,
flowing into the lungs of everyone,
regardless of their racialized body,
sexual expression, age, ability,
or any other aspect of how they show up in life.

As you exhale, send the compassion
of giving rather than receiving.

Savor your connection.
Allow your mind, heart, and spirit
to say ‘welcome.'”

from The Power of Inclusion

“Facing a mirror without the façade opens my eyes to who I am, beyond appearances. We are greater than who we appear to be in the flesh. We are so much more than our bodies. Staring back in the mirror are also our souls.

We begin to recognize the power of inclusion when we realize the soul’s potential expressing as us, always tapping an aspect of ourselves to give to others.”

from The Power of Inclusion
Here is a place to listen, welcoming all that you are, and centering in the heart of welcoming.

“We must  answer the question posed by the person in the mirror: ‘Who are you? What are you here to do so the world will be a better place?'”

from The Power of Inclusion

“A Buddhist koan asks, ‘do you remember what your parents’ faces looked like before they were born?’ Yes, I remember: they were the faces of everyone, everywhere, always present. They were the gift of the thread of life connecting each being to one another so that we would not forget our oneness.”

from The Power of Inclusion

“Welcoming can sometimes be uncomfortable, but we have the power to let good in by giving our best to each other.

When we are welcoming to ourselves and others, the universe re-pays us in infinite ways.”

from The Power of Inclusion

Take a moment and breathe the power of connecting
with those who look like you,
as well as those who don’t.

Allow yourself to relax in the moment.

Think about a person or group of people
different than you.

Open your heart to welcome them.”

from The Power of Inclusion

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