CELEBRATE: August 11, 2021


I celebrate the awesome eternal being also known as you.

I celebrate the laughter of your generous dance
uplifting every aspect of who you are.

I celebrate your pride living, moving and
being your unique expression —
un-contained by race or gender or any conventions
that attempt to confine you
to a role that you do not wish to play.

I celebrate your right to be who you are without limitations.

I celebrate your ability to re-create your being
without caring what others think ’cause who cares.

I celebrate the air that breathes you
through every second of the day
and allows you to snap your fingers
the way that only you can do,
and slide your hips into a new groove of greatness,
and realize grace is everywhere present as you
in every form, and shape, and dimension.

I celebrate your continuous steps outside of the box
that cannot and will not ever contain us.

Music: “Echoes of Time” by AN-NEE-MAH; “Song of Union”
by Joanne Shenadoah and Peter Kater;
“The Lightness of Being” by Anugana;
“Blessing” by Peter Kater and “Heart of Silence”
by Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria
can be purchased from i-Tunes.

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