UN-LIMIT: August 3, 2021

We are here to be unlimited.
Simone Biles is a reminder of
the miracles we are,
soaring with the power
that we pray to experience
merely a taste of.

We are a love so unlimited
that we can move through
the air and land on the space
of miracles,
and filled
with the power
that we are.

Soar in the presence
and power
of who you are,
and be filled with
anointing of unlimited Spirit
as you.
Release all else
and center instead
in its divine vibration.


The future
is now
to lift us
from the past
of oppression
into the infinite
realm of now.

We are unlimited
when we release the past
not forgetting
but knowing
that Absolute Good is in charge
of our lives.

We learn from the wings
of Love’s Beloved Daughter
in whom Greatness and Goodness
is so well-pleased.

And we soar,
simply in the space
of who we are.

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