UNPACK: August 1, 2021

As we sort through the past,
we are given the opportunity to release the old:
old habits,
relationships that no longer give us joy,
failed attempts and frustrations,
memories that hoard guilt,
situations that we need to let go.

This is a season for unpacking,
for being courageous enough to throw away the stuff
we never needed
and start brand new.

This is the time to walk into new spaces
and be encouraged by new ideas,
for changing from the inside out,
for emerging strong, rested and resilient,
charging forth with a new determination.


We should practice
unpacking daily,
and strengthening the source
of our connection
by cleaning out, centering in, growing from,
moving on, and opening new awareness.

What can you unpack?
What can you give to others?
What can you face, clean, and liberate?
What can you grow beyond?

This is a season for unpacking,
releasing all of the stuff that you glued to the edge of now,
slowing you down to the liberation of change.

You can forgive yourself.
You can forgive others.
You can release the tight grip of hopelessness
and meet the new freedom of miracles,
the holy instant
here to bless you.

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