When we open our eyes to the absolute good that is everywhere present, we see beyond fear to love, beyond hopelessness to greatness, and claim the victory everywhere present.

Claim your victory. See beyond limitation to limitless. Press beyond whatever appears to hold you back. Stretch past your comfort zone. Welcome the peace of healing that awaits you. Be the full expression of good that you are.

Stay centered in the vision of a new day. Step into the freedom beyond who you used to be. Welcome others with the love of faith.

Courage requires seeing beyond fear. Transformation soars above what cannot be seen to evolve as good, best, and better.

Change reaches beyond the status quo to release people, places, and predicaments and welcome new days.

When we know what we are called to do, we can rise in the grace that we are. Every moment demonstrates that we can always tune into a frequency of love.

Even what is intended for evil manifests wonderful blessings.

Each breath is a symbol of divine opportunity.

Each moment is the miracle awaiting us.

The sun in you is risen.

The new day dawns full of hope.

Witness miracles as natural as the breath,
none easier or more difficult than the other.


Joy cannot contain the good that we are here to give.

Each breath is a prophecy of oneness.

We are all the synergy of greatness.

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