I leap in the possibility of new beginnings,
realizing that nothing and no one can stop me
from being my greatness,
great for all that I am called to do, to be, to express.

I celebrate the magic of who I AM.

I move with the freedom of divine ideas.

I connect with being in the now, and the breath of being – beyond appearances, beyond judgment, beyond the meaning of all that I have imposed, projected, or feared. In the now, I am liberated, releasing all worry, all guilt, all doubt.

I stop projecting fear and realize that I am the perfect energy of love. I breathe in this realization, filled with the light of a wisdom that is absolute good.

Listen to the guided meditation of Now, releasing everyone, everything, every worry.
Please support the musical excerpts from the following artists by purchasing them on i-Tunes:
Hubbub – A Breath of Stillness
Diane Arkenstone – Light of Varying Energies
Peter Kater – From My Heart
Peter Kater – From the Beginning

Victory is my name.

I begin in the truth that in the now, I am all that Spirit is, one power, one truth, one love, one miracle.

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