“The earth, that first among good mothers, gives us the gift that we cannot provide ourselves. [Without realizing it,] I had come to the lake [after my daughter left for college], and said feed me, [and] my empty heart was fed [while riding my kayak in the lake of water lilies]. I had a good mother. She gives what we need without being asked. I wonder if she gets tired, old Mother Earth. Or if she too is fed by the giving.
‘Thanks,’  I whispered, ‘for all of this.’”

Robin Wall Kimmerer, from Braiding Sweetgrass

Mother is not a gender – but is the energy of creation constantly and continuously giving us what we need when we need it.

Miracles are our ability to realize the constant presence of the Spirit of the Mother blessing in, as and through us.

The course says: “You need do so little because your little part is so powerful that it will bring the whole to you.”

Sending endless blessings and the greatness
of all mothers everywhere,
and to the Mother in Us,
which keeps us loved,
lovable, and loving.

Listen Here

Be still in the strength
of absolute good
and take joy in the blessings
of the love
everywhere present.

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