BE A LISTENER: February 16, 2021

is one of the greatest gifts
we can give to someone.

Being present for others
as they share their story
is one of the most important ways
to acknowledge
that someone else is valuable.

Listening to the breath
and being one with the moment
is not merely resilience;
it is grace.

Love looks, breaths, laughs,
and dances with us,
as we breathe in and out
in the peace of simply being.


is how we show up
and give our best
without focusing on
what we want in return.

Most misunderstandings occur
because we fail to listen
without judgment.

Listening is not a space
within which to create
our own narrative
or impose the judgments of others.

Instead, listening is an opportunity
for us to be fully present
to the stories of others.

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