BE STILL: January 27, 2021

In the stillness,
we can listen
to the miracles
that are all around us
but often go

We can breathe in
whatever we need
exactly when
we need it.

We can be
the warm heart,
the kind soul,
the needed word,
the exact moment
that manifested
for someone else.


In the stillness,
we see beyond
through the lens
of perfect peace.

In the stillness,
we gather the
music of heartbeats
and watch them
scatter to the wind
like nothing.

In the stillness,
we can listen to
our higher selves,
and learn
there is love,
and delicious morsels
of creativity
just waiting
to be touched.

In the stillness,
whispers drop
and fold themselves
into nothingness,
and souls speak
without words.

Nothing can defeat us
in the stillness,
where love
finds us awake
in the essence
of who we are,
quiet in the truth
always speaking
to itself.

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