As we observe what is going on in the world,
it is important to check ourselves.
What behavior are you demonstrating
that undermines the principles
and values for which you stand?

There are deep divisions in our country,
which illustrate deep divisions within.
What are you doing to be more accountable,
show more integrity,
listen deeply,
hold space for the views of others,
collaborate with compassion,
lead with integrity,
inspire peace,
build a beloved community?


We are all gatekeepers of those things
we exercise control over.

We all have privilege
to the extent that we
have access and opportunities
that are denied others.

What are you doing with them?

“What is our aspiration? Is it awakening, mindfulness, or the relief of suffering? Do we really want to realize our greatest aspiration? If we truly want to accomplish our aspirations, then why would we go along a path that goes against them, and leaves us without enough energy to practice and help ourselves and others?”

Thich Nhat Hahn, from Fidelity

“When your aspiration is to fill yourself with great mindfulness and love, that aspiration is called bodhicitta, beginner’s mind, the mind of love. It is the desire to help relieve the suffering of others and help others to become awakened. We should live in such a way that this aspiration becomes more solid every day.”

Thich Nhat Hahn, from Fidelity

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