Winter has always been a special time for me.
This winter is even more special,
with the solstice,
which arrived on December 21,
and the celebration of the birth
of Christ Consciousness today,
we are gifted with the peace
of conceiving a new self
as we, too, retreat indoors,
like the roots and seeds
of plants and trees,
asleep and awaiting rebirth.

We personify Christ as a person,
but Christ is a consciousness
that lies dormant in us,
waiting to be born.

During these days, we can tap the peak of our power
just by resting, centering, meditating, and co-creating
new life.

The days grow longer each day.

Some say portals open between the worlds of form and formlessness creating an especially powerful time for the magic of transformation to occur.

If we are still, and give ourselves time to go within,
time that we have since we are forced to distance socially,
we are more able to tune into the cycles of life, death, and rebirth that move throughout our lives.

If we are blessed with snow,
we can feel the peace of the calm
in its silence,
or we know the sacredness
of fallen rain,
the calm waters of the ocean,
or the sweetness of being with those we love,
or with ourselves, alone,
with the time to envision
what is possible.

Magic is with us wherever we are,
healing that is inevitable
that just requires the peace
of pure love,
and the welcoming of
rebirth in you.

The Soul is always teaching us not to be worried – but just to allow Spirit to work out the details.

There is no limit to the Soul’s infinite possibilities and unlimited channels of good.

In Peace, the Absolute Good is born in us.

In Peace, the right decisions are made.

In peace, we do the good that we are called to do.


There is no better time for our own magic
and its full embodiment
of the magic of Spirit.

Some of us remember the stories that we were told
and the ancient text of the birth of a savior born to us.
We remember the Great Mother, favored by Creator of all that is, and adopt her favor as our own.

We are given a gift this day that surpasses all others,
to embrace the power that we are,
to be the world that we are meant to be,
to be the light of Christ in us,
our hope of glory.

Oh, how I love Jesus,
because Christ is the greatest ally we can have,
a great rabbi of renown faith,
but also a friend,
who gave us the gift of our own magic.

Take the time to remember your purpose in life, and how you can use this period to nurture the power in you.

Arrive at your inner Bethlehem, the culmination of all of hope, faith, love, joy, and peace, but also your divine opportunity to be re-born in the consciousness of Christ.

The vote has been fortified.

The vaccine is here.

We have watched so many get sick and perish.

We have fought for what is right.

We have struggled through pain and hardship.

We have done our best

and let God do the rest.

2020 was not what we expected.

But we are here, at yet another beginning

of re-strength, re-love, re-building, re-connection,

and re-birth.

May you be reborn in the supernatural power of all that you are. May you be at peace in your soul because you are nothing less than all that Spirit is. May you be the power, the strength, the leader, the love, and the consciousness of Christ that will keep giving birth as you.

May you savor this day

and all of the favor

of absolute good.

Merry Christmas.

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