ENJOY THE FLOW OF LIFE: December 20, 2020

“Life is a flowing process, and every person is a specialized channel for that flow. The purpose of life is to live, not to die. . . . [T]he kingdom of heaven as within you not faraway someplace in the skies. Home is the ‘inner chamber’ where you are forever in the flow of life.”

Eric Butterworth, from In the Flow of Life

“The cells of our bodies are like water in a river. Motion helps them to stay in the flow and thus to purify themselves. There are literally thousands of moping people who could renew their strength and youthfulness to say nothing of finding freedom from aches and pains, if they would simply stir themselves in mind and body, get into the flow in consciousness and ‘into the swim’ of activities. The wisdom of the world has conditioned us to ‘act our age.’ Now we must begin to act our youth—to act our experience in the flow of life.”

Eric Butterworth, from In the Flow of Life

“If you flow with life, every year is a fascinating challenge full of adventure and discovery. If you resist the changes, each year will become a millstone that will gradually bend your shoulders and drag your steps. In the flow of life, there is a constant process of growth. At forty, you should be twice as well-equipped to receive and use the blessings of life as at twenty. At sixty, you should be three times as equipped. At eighty, four times.”

Eric Butterworth, from In the Flow of Life

“If we are in the flow of life, we will live creatively in work or in retirement. If we are out of the flow, our life will be a study in frustration and boredom, even if we have a steady job. Any time on our own will be spent merely thinking about, recouping from, or resisting the major involvements of our work and family—with no time devoted to self-discovery and the pursuance of individual unfoldment.”

Eric Butterworth, from In the Flow of Life


“Flow helps to integrate the self because in that state of deep concentration consciousness is unusually well ordered. Thoughts, intentions, feelings, and all the senses are focused on the same goal. Experience is in harmony.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, from Flow

“Flow states are those peak moments in which you become fully absorbed in an activity, when the challenges that the activity poses are high and well-matched by your ever-increasing skills. Your every action, movement, and thought flows naturally from the last.”

Barbara Fredrickson, from Positivity: Top-Notch Research Reveals the Upward Spiral That Will Change Your Life

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