FAST FROM NEGATIVITY: December 17, 2020

“There is both a physical
and a spiritual fast.

In the physical fast,
the body abstains from food
and/or drink.

In the spiritual fast,
the faster abstains
from negative] intentions,
words and deeds.”

saint basil

“One who truly fasts
abstains from anger,
rage, malice, and vengeance.

One who truly fasts
abstains from idle
and foul talk,
empty rhetoric, slander, condemnation,
flattery, lying and all manner of spiteful talk.”

saint basil

“In a word, a real faster
is one who withdraws from all negativity.”

saint basil

“As much as you subtract
from the body,
so much will you add
to the strength of the soul.”

saint basil

“While fasting, the patient
improves her or his physical health
and gains much,
but he or she will have neglected
the most important thing
if the hunger for spiritual nourishment
that manifests itself
during fasting
is not satisfied. “

dr. otto buchinger

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