Another important reason
to fast for self-care
is to prepare
for a new anointing.
As 2021 rolls in,
everyone looks forward
to a new year and
the prospect of
putting on a new self.
What better way
to prepare for it
than focusing on ourselves
by fasting?

Fasting itself is the focused
energy of prayer.
During the time that we’re not
doing those things
or eating those meals
that we abstain from,
we can meditate,
become centered
in the silence.

Fasting makes you more intuitive,
improves your judgment,
offers the depth of insight
and the inner strength of guidance.

Some say if you have been fasting all day,
you’ve been praying all day.

When you eliminate food,
your spirit becomes uncluttered
by the things of this world and
amazingly sensitive to the universe.

When giving, praying, and fasting
are practiced together,
you are even more centered
in the breakthrough that you need.


Your faith, your right standing with God, will cause you to move into areas where you would not have moved if you had not fasted. Doors will open to you that were not opened before, and your influence will go out like ripples in a pond.

Your light will rise out of obscurity. In other words, in situations you face that are just overwhelming and you don’t know how to find your way through the darkness of obscurity and confusion, God will cause your light to shine on the path you are to take.

Fasting sharpens
the Word in your heart
and in your mouth,
allowing you to release the toxins
as you set yourself apart for greater good.

Fasting is an excellent means of sanctifying yourself.

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