Cleaning house is one of the most difficult things
for me to do because it takes time away
from the things I would like to be doing,
but the truth is that I would accomplish
them better in a clear, clean environment.

Denise Linn, author of Feng Shui for the Soul,
says de-cluttering is “modern day alchemy”:
one of the fastest ways
to transform our lives.

Linn says “Your home is like no other place on earth. It is special and unique just the way it is, and through your love, insight and care it can become the ideal place for your soul.”

We are all at home, so it’s the best time to
make it our greatest ally
in achieving maximum self-care.

Linn says our homes are not reflections of who we are
but also have the power to shape our future.
She says “[w]hen you implement changes in your home, you will notice that often your life is also transformed: instantly, dramatically and permanently.”

Denise Linn,
from Feng Shui for the Soul

The challenge for me is
the quiet meditation
of deciding how to de-clutter
and what to depart with.

Linn says engage the natural forces around you:
“The best way to awaken natural forces within your home is first to activate and become aware of them within yourself. When nature is alive inside you, the forces of nature will begin to sing around you, wherever you are.”

Denise Linn,
from Feng Shui for the Soul

De-clutter guru Marie Kondo
invites us to honor
our home spaces.

Kondo says “I kneel formally on the floor in the center of the house and address the house in my mind. . . . I ask for help in creating a space where the family can enjoy a happier life. Then I bow.”

Marie Kondo, from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I like to watch Marie Kondo
on Netflix before, during or after
I clean. I’ve learned several techniques
that help get rid of clutter
and make it easier to maintain
a clear space.

Her mantra is release
what no longer gives you joy.

“The clear, refreshed feeling gained after standing under a waterfall can be addictive. Similarly, when you finish putting your space in order, you will be overcome with the urge to do it again. And, unlike waterfall meditation, you don’t have to travel long distances over hard terrain to get there.”

Marie Kondo from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing 


“Initiation”, “Honorable Sky” and Quietude”
by Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai
“Blessing” and “Radiant Dawn”
by Peter Kater
and Meditation by Michael Brant DeMaria

I decided that we needed to stay
in this specific self-care mode of cleaning for several days
as this process of de-cluttering
takes time.

But it’s definitely something
that can be accomplished.

The New York Times offers
tips as well
through “A Smarter Way to Clean Your Home.”

I’m looking forward
to it.

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  1. Paulette Lucas says:

    Just what I want to do is clean up and declutter my clothing room. I appreciate this post.

    1. Thanks so much! It clears the soul.

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