OPEN YOUR HEART, AND LOOK IN: November 16, 2020

“It is much harder to look into the darkness in the hearts of ordinary people with unquiet minds, needing someone to feel better than, whose cheers and votes allow despots anywhere in the world to rise to power in the first place. It is harder to focus on the danger of common will, the weaknesses of the human immune system, the ease with which the toxins can infect succeeding generations. Because it means the enemy, the threat, is not one man, it is us, all of us, lurking in humanity itself.”

Isabel Wilkerson, from CASTE

Breathe in a breath
that realizes we are one.

Celebrate the music excerpts at iTunes, JULIE TRUE, MUSIC TO JOURNAL BY, VOL. 13, Heavenly Light and Living Water

Breathe in the hope of a world united.

Connect with a love that has no boundaries.

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