We have to be careful what we tell ourselves, the seeds that we are planting deep in our consciousness should not be too old but that we can transcend space, body and time.  The true memorial for all of us is our power of life.  Are we making the right choices that embrace ourselves as infinite vessels of unlimited potential? In each moment of every day, are we making choices that affirm—or deny—life in our bodies.

Reclaim life for yourself. Have you seized the fullness of life?

Are you the ageless healer of eternal compassion that you were called to be? Are you willing to step outside of what you called normal and realize our true norms are powers that we haven’t even begun to tap? 

Can you go within and tap the power of a calm heart and breathe compassion for every being on the planet? 


Close your eyes,
and listen to your breath
without judgment.

In each breath, the truth is revealed – that we are one with everyone and everything.
We can lean into success
and claim it.

Gregg Braden shares the story of visits to Tibet, where monks told him there were yogis high in the mountains who were 600 years of age. Braden shares the story of a nun he met, who was showing him around and had a special title usually reserved for monks. She had lived for 120 years. Unlike others, her age records were preserved in the monastery’s library. He asked her the secret to her longevity, she said compassion: “Compassion is life. It’s what we practice here. It’s what we learn from our masters and what they learn from theirs.” 

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