The ability to ride the breath of our wisdom through the light of meditation and silence is good medicine.

This is in many respects a time of war, a war among the principalities of the unseen, a war for change whose time we have long awaited, a war that requires us to win as it is a turning point in the lives that we lead and the space that we take up.  So we have to wear the spiritual responsibility of our own warrior paint.  We have to dig deep into the reservoir of Spirit and draw from the good medicine from our souls, not just for others but also for ourselves.

We have to stand on the shoulders of our own suffering – lifted higher in each healing to realize our expression as pure Spirit. Spirit is everywhere present, universal intelligence that goes before us, inexhaustible supply that opens endless channels of blessings, divine ideas shaping and molding and forming the creative manifestation of our desires, the manna that pours without ceasing, the net that appears when we leap.  

The ability to summon words of power of speak them into the divine ethers of absolute good is good medicine

The ability to see beyond appearances through the clarity of vision that does not wait for anything other than the shapes that we need to form, grounding ourselves in the power of who we are is good medicine.


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