SEE BEYOND STRUGGLE: September 6-7, 2020

When we do the work that needs to be done to cleanse our consciousness, we will open our eyes to a new universe – in which to grow new dreams, to manifest new opportunities, to take charge of our lives in an entirely new way.

A season of reasonableness gives us the clarity to see past the things that we have been struggling with, to press beyond whatever held us back in the flesh, to let go so that we can gather our harvest, turn over new leaves that will heal our souls.

This is the time to wash the old with whatever has passed, and let it fall, blow with the wind — be swept up, raked up, bagged — and serve as mulch for a day.

Edwin Teale says “Change is a measure of time and, in the autumn, time seems speeded up.  What was is not and never
again will be; what is is change.”

You see there is a time in our lives when we have to release those things and those thoughts and those people who are no longer good for us, and experience life in a higher place.

What you intended for evil — was meant for good.
There’s something better ahead.

I thought we were going to do this together but there is something better in store.

I am blessed by the changes in the seasons.

I am honored by a me that is fresh and empowered and brand new.

“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.”

King T’chala

“Today, we don’t fight for just one life, we fight for all of them.”

King T’chala

“Wakanda will no longer watch
from the shadows.”

King T’chala


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