“The Hindu Upanishads tell us
that in the center of the seed of the great nyagrodha tree
there is nothing,
and out of that nothing the great tree grows.

We are then reminded
that in our time on Earth
we grow like this tree-out of that nothing.
As the essence of the tree
is the empty center of its seed,
so the essence of our life
is the intangible presence at the center of our soul.

Therefore, our chief work as human beings
rests in the sincere effort to allow
that central presence to in-form us.

Thus, all forms of prayer and meditation
are aimed at keeping the center of the I empty,
so the miracle of life in its grace
and immensity can enter and heal us.”

Mark Nepo, from The Book of Awakening:
Having the Life You Want
by Being Present to the Life You Have


During the holiday season,
we commend the gift that keeps giving.
Deep in our hearts, we look for it.
We want to give it –
not just to our lovers, or our parents,
or our friends, but to everyone that we meet.

Realtors profit from this deep desire –
no matter where we shop, no matter how much we spend –
from the smallest token to a private island
because our love can never be wrapped
in a bow or limited to a box.

Our love is the gift that keeps giving.

It is what Peter speaks about
when he reminds us to offer hospitality
to one another without grumbling
because he knows that what we give
is loving success,
a gift that will return to bless us
beyond our comprehension.

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