I AM THE MIRACLE OF LOVE: December 3, 2019

I AM the miracle of love’s inexhaustible good. 
the fountain of love’s inexhaustible supply.
I AM the wellspring of love’s pure joy.
I AM the pool of love’s angels stirring.
I AM the harmony of love’s oceans cleansing.
I AM the triumph of love’s freedom liberating.
I AM the manna of love’s substance feeding.

Love fills my body, blessing every aspect of my being.
As I close my eyes, as I sit comfortably, as I go within,
I see the extraordinary power of love filling all of my inner parts,
making them realize that they are whole in all that love is,
shining on them with the healing energy of the ages,
fulfilling them with the prophecies of the ancients,
igniting them with the glory of a new day.


MEDITATION MUSIC: Bansuri Flute Meditation by Meditation Music

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