May we be aware that food is a gift
from the earth, the sky, the Universe,
living beings,
and their hard work
that brings it to our bodies.

May we eat with mindfulness
and gratitude
so as to be worthy to receive it.

May our food nourish our bodies
and provide only and exactly
what we need to thrive.

May our food nurture our compassion
so that we connect deeply
with each other,
strengthen our community,
and reduce suffering.

May we thoroughly enjoy our food
in a way that connects us deeply
with the earth,
the sun,
the Spirit,
the Universe.

Adapted from “5 Contemplations for Eating”
created by Thich Nhat Hanh
and Dena Samuels, The Mindfulness Effect:
An Unexpected Path to Healing, Connection and Social Justice

I breathe in the breath of perfect health
and in each breath I take, God breathes me –
as the flow of freedom from all pain,
liberation from all appearances,
transformation from all
that is not the realization of wholeness
expressing as me. 

MUSIC: “QUIETUDE” and “MY SOUL’S STORY” by Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai.  Music can be purchased from i-Tunes.


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