I stop believing that I am praying to someone
or something greater than who I am.
I realize that I am the co-creative power of omnipotence.
I am the divine mind of omniscience.
I am everywhere present in the peaceful journey of omnipresence.
I stop waiting to achieve that which I already have.
I stop spinning my wheels of resistance
and see that I have already arrived.
In the stillness, I am liberated from
even the faintest second of doubt.
I see that Spirit covers me
from well beyond my soul to the truth that we are one.
In this oneness, I am still.  I breathe.
I shape and mold my desires into existence.
I know that whatever
I desire is the cosmic consciousness
of the universe directing me
to enjoy the best that I could ever be.
I AM the God that I AM
– without attachment,
without longing
– simply being one.

listen here

The Psalmist says be still and know that I am God.
This year, I stop denying my birthright.

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