“Meditation is essentially training our attention
so that we can be more aware—
not only of our own inner workings
but also of what’s happening around us
in the here and now.
Once we see clearly what’s going on in the moment,
we can then choose whether
and how to act on what we’re seeing.”

Sharon Salzberg, from Real Happiness:
The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program 

The love of God is my Kingdom.
Everywhere God is, the Kingdom uplifts me, blesses me, favors me.

This is a love that defies all space,
transcends all logic, defies all appearances.

This is a love that surrounds me in protection
and cleanses my body, my mind and my soul of all discord.
In this love, I am nothing but the light of Spirit
— a Spirit that rids me of all fear.

In this love, I am the the way that lets go completely
and lets God always bathe me in miracles.
In this love, I listen, and I hear, and I know.

In this love, I know that the desires
deepest in my heart
are prayers that were answered before I was.
This is what I will eat and drink and wear
manna as lasting as dew,
and water that rises from rocks,
and hems that touch the unlimited well
of wholeness and strength.

This love is my silence
that is as light as the touch of an angel’s wings
and the swing of a gentle breeze
that cannot hear itself
falling between someone’s exhale,
and inhale, and wonder between then,
and now, and just being.



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