Please help promote Mindfulness in the schools by voting.
Just click HERE, which will take you to the website to vote.

Brooklyn College Academy (BCA), is one of 15 finalists
for a $100,000 GRANT
from the Farmers association,
but they need your vote.
BCA previously received a $10,000 grant
to build one of the few mindfulness spaces in a NYC public school.
This additional funding will be used
to both hire mindfulness instructors
for classes and to begin
the construction of another meditation room.
Nigel Gayle, one of the students, wrote to me as a mindfulness practitioner to encourage me to vote.
He said “Our voting ends on the 29th, and we’re not in the top 5 at the moment.
We’ve received media coverage, but we aren’t there just yet.
I’d appreciate if you could cast a vote in our favor, and also pass the word on.
If you choose to vote, please make sure to open your email
and confirm and let other know to do the same.”
Let’s help Nigel.
Let’s help Brooklyn College Academy.
Let’s help support mindfulness in our schools.

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