“Quantum experiments demonstrated that electrons
exist simultaneously in an infinite array of possibilities or probabilities
in an invisible field of energy.
But only when an observer focuses attention
on any location of any one electron does that electron appear.
In other words, a particle cannot manifest in reality
—that is, ordinary space-time as we know it
—until we observe it.”
Joe Dispenza, from  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

In the presence and power of God
expressing as us to do even greater things,
we move ourselves out of the way
all thoughts, words, actions and deeds
that do not contribute to
unlimited blessings.

We surrender to Spirit this day,
here and now.
We release ourselves from
all emotional bonds,
from all pain,
all shame,
all blame
and we feel every chain drop.
In this instance, we feel the
presence and the power of God,
and we know God is real
always expressing
as us.
The music excerpted here can be purchased on i-Tunes:
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – “Hymn of the Cherubim”
Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai – “Wandering,”
“Nemi – Sacred Grove,” and “If Men Were at Peace”

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