WE ARISE IN A NEW SEASON: April 11, 2017

Christ in me rises with the glory of the pure possibility of resurrection.
Christ in me rises with the awesome amazement of shedding my old self,
my old fears, my old crazy, my old doubt, my old worries, my old burdens,
my old cells and atoms and flesh that embody old concerns, cares and crap,
and I am lifted in the awareness that I AM THAT I AM.

Before Abraham was I AM.

When the river flowed from Eden called Pishon and Gihon and Hiddekel and Euphrates,
I began in the magnificence of a single miracle that continued
to multiply into unlimited love and continued to be the image and likeness of pure possibility
and absolute good that will never fail me, nor forsake me.

Christ in me rises without shackles or opinions or lies or sickness or despair or worry or grief,
rises above discord and danger and disappointment,
rises beyond hatred and despair and disillusion,
rises as me and shines the universe through every pore,
fiber and atom of my being – realizing that we are one.

I rise from every affliction, sickness,
disease, worry, fear, doubt, or sin.

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