sunsetMay we be reborn in the consciousness that defies limitations, that resurrects the infinite enlightenment of Spirit as us, that defies every appearance, that lifts us beyond struggle and strife, that allows us to be reborn in a new understanding of grace. Let us realize that what we call miracles are our souls.  Let us know the love that fills us with God.  Let the good in us fill our inner parts with the light of wholeness.  Let our hearts find the Christ again as us.  Let us know Jesus as the eternal presence called friend.  Let the stars shine upon us.  Let the abundance of good reclaim itself. 

Spirit moves as me, filling my body with its love, blessing every aspect of my being.  As I close my eyes, as I sit comfortably, as I go within, I see the extraordinary power of love filling all of my inner parts, making them realize that they are whole in all that love is, shining on them with the healing energy of the ages, fulfilling them with the prophecies of the ancients, igniting them with the grace of absolute good.

These are the days of miracles, of healings we never believed could take place, of abundance flowing without ceasing, of cups that keep running over, of oil that never stops pouring, of magic when least expected.

Today, I will remember what Jesus taught me – not just that we can defy whatever ails us in three days, but also that we embody the universe of pure potential. Today, I am resurrected in the infinite enlightenment of Spirit as me.  I am reborn in a consciousness that defies limitations.  I am revitalized in a new understanding of grace.  I realize that what we call miracles are our souls.  I know the love that fills us with God.  I let the good in us fill my inner parts with the light of wholeness.  I let my heart find the Christ and know Jesus as my friend.

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