“When you are in meditation,
the first temptation is either to fear or be so disgusted with these thoughts
that you cannot keep them out of your head.
You will be able to keep them out eventually,
if in the beginning you will ignore them
and not try to get rid of them or stop them.
They are not your thoughts,
and you can prove it within the next few minutes.

When you go into meditation,
say the word, ‘I,’
and then decide what you are going to think or ponder about God.
You are going to take the word God into your consciousness
and you are going to ask yourself:
What do I know about God?
What have I heard or read about God?
What is it about God that is real to me,
that I have confidence in,
that I have knowledge of?
As you persist in that line of thought or introspection,
these thoughts are still going to go on in your head,
only you are not going to pay any attention to them.
You will be able to carry on your contemplation of God
even while those thoughts are moving around inside of you,
and that alone will prove that your thoughts are subject unto you.
These other thoughts are merely something that come and go,
and when you have learned to persist in your contemplative meditation,
eventually by starving out these thoughts,
they go and never return again.”

Goldsmith, Joel S.
from Showing Forth the Presence of God


John 4:24 says that “God is Spirit.”  And where is that Spirit?  Paul says that we live and move and have our being in it.  It is a Spirit of Love that never ever stops loving us.  We may forget that Spirit is loving us.  We may choose to ignore that Spirit is loving us.  But Spirit loves us everywhere, everyday, everyway, everyhow.  There is no space in us, no crack, no cell, no molecule, no crevice that Spirit does not love.  Spirit’s love of us is so complete that it is the I AM of who we are.  Let me say that again: the I AM of who we are is Unconditional Love – just waiting to give us what we need — everywhere, everyday, everyway, everyhow.  Our 40 day wilderness journey is simply our opportunity to embrace the presence of love that has never left us.  It is not just Love’s desire to give us what we want.  It is love’s mandate that we receive it.  It is Love’s desire to spoil us, to court us, to bathe us, to shower us with endless good.  Today, we open our hearts to accept the loving success that is blessing us everywhere, everyday, everyway, everyhow.  See love saying yes to your every desire and allow your heart to say “yes,” too.  yourself.

Say throughout this meditation to yourself and know throughout the day, ” Spirit loves me everywhere, everyday, everyway, everyhow.”

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