“But how do we listen?
It is so simple and so hard.
So obvious to begin and so elusive to maintain.
In this lies the vitality of deep listening.
To keep beginning.
Over and over.
To keep emptying and opening.
And simply to keep listening.
For to listen is to continually give up all expectation
and to give our attention,
completely and freshly,
to what is before us,
not really knowing what we will hear
or what that will mean.

In the practice of our days,
to listen is to lean in, softly,
with a willingness to be changed
by what we hear.”

Nepo, Mark
from The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life

SPIRITMUV Rev. Loving ThreeRegardless of whether we are single or with somebody,
we have a soul mate: a soul mate who is always by our side;
a soul mate who we probably take for granted;
a soul mate who is always there.
Now, we don’t call this soul mate “honey”; we don’t call it  “baby” or “boo”;
we call it the Holy Spirit.

The Psalmist doesn’t say stay with me forever my sweet thang,
my tight squeeze, my darling –
in the 51st Psalm, the Psalmist says to God — ”
do not cast me from your presence, do not take your Holy Spirit from me.”

Regardless of what we want in the material world;
regardless of how desperately we want to hook up,
get our groove thang on, and call someone our man
or our woman or our husband or our wife –
what we really want — deep down inside —
is to hug and to kiss and to re-establish our relationship to the Universe,
to re-internalize our spiritual essence, to become a fit companion for God.

I can guarantee you that our soul mate in the Spirit will always give us exactly what we need
and who we need in the flesh – including the perfect, divine partner.
The Holy Spirit prepares us for God’s Good.
The Holy Spirit points us to endless opportunities.
The Holy Spirit protects us from harm.
The Holy Spirit proclaims our good.
The Holy Spirit places us in a position of power.
The Holy Spirit pre-paves a path of perfect partnership with a mate in the flesh.

And the Holy Spirit pours out blessings of absolute good.
When we stop being governed by flesh and allow ourselves to be directed by Spirit,
we allow ourselves to connect with the Holy Spirit
as our most powerful and illuminating soul mate –
a provider and a pre-paver and a pro-creator
and a proclaimer of our purpose in life.

Say throughout this meditation to yourself and know throughout the day,
“My soul mate is here.”

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