“[U]nfortunately, many people have a fixed idea
that they cannot meditate. . . .
[E]everyone can and does meditate.”
Emmett Fox, from Find and Use You Inner Power

love63Proverbs 10:12 says “hate stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.”  Today, I wear the cover of love.  It is a love that heals me – a love that enters my blood stream and cleanses all sickness.  It is a love that strengthens me.  Love lifts me up and empowers me to move mountains, to walk waters, to cast out any demons that would exhaust me.  It is a love that washes me in a river that would destroy doubt.  The envy that once strangled me is now free.  It is a love that knows no obstacles and so it courses through the veins of life empowered by a freedom that knows exactly where to go and when to go there, knows exactly who to know and how to scale the walls, or run through the valleys, or be the faith that grows something as delicate and small as a mustard seed.  Today I wear the cover of love – and it washes the appearance of disease away.  It frees my sins from me and me from them, so that they slide away into nothingness.  My love forgives more than seventy times.  My love rebuilds and finds peace where there would be hatred and grace where there would be strife.  My love blesses me despite my shortcomings and massages me with the vision of new beginnings, new energy, and new hope.

Say this to yourself through the meditation, and know it throughout the day: Love frees me from every sin.

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  1. Lucas, Paulette V. says:

    Thank you God I wear the cover of love today. I am so appreciative of this daily post on CENTERING IN THE ONENESS OF INCLUSION: A CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICE. It is so empowering and it reminds me just how good God is.
    You are abundantly blessed
    Paulette Lucas

    1. cbloving says:

      You are a great blessing. Thank you for all of your support and the great love and power and presence you and your family have shown to my mom. I love you and send you all of the absolute good of the universe, every miracle, every great deed, every powerful wonder.

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