I RELEASE THE PAST AND MOVE FORWARD: Seizing Opportunity as One – September 1, 2016

IMG_5868When I forgive you, I forgive myself.  When I forgive you, my burdens fall away.  When I forgive you, I open the gift of new life.  I forgive you, I overcome the temptation of regret.  When I forgive you, I pass over the poison of death.  When I forgive you, I rise in the glory of new life.  When I forgive you, I am born again.

Spirit moves as me, filling my body with its love, blessing every aspect of my being.  As I close my eyes, as I sit comfortably, as I go within, I see the extraordinary power of love filling all of my inner parts, making them realize that they are whole in all that love is, shining on them with the healing energy of the ages, fulfilling them with the prophecies of the ancients, igniting them with the glory of a new day.

Sometimes it is difficult to forgive.  The people we thought that we could trust hurt us, take from us, attempt to destroy us, and what we know we should let go, we hold onto.  Forget what Jesus said about 70 times 7, we think – because for a moment, a fleeting moment – resentment feels so good.  But then, we start worshipping it – like the false idol that it is, our bodies and our minds revel in its pain until we wear it like a badge of honor.  Today, we remove the badge, and throw away the regret, and find love – tucked away deeply in a corner of our lives.  Today, we find compassion again.  Today we grow in the power of release – surrendering to the truth that no one and nothing can harm us but ourselves.

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