WE WERE THE GREATEST LONG BEFORE WE WERE BORN: Contemplating Oneness – June 4, 2016

AliNigel Collins says “Muhammad Ali told us he was “The Greatest” before he was Muhammad Ali, back when he was still Cassius Clay and few people took him seriously. That all changed, of course, but even after he had the world at his feet, nobody ever believed in Ali more than he believed in himself. That, perhaps, was his greatest strength. He didn’t think he was The Greatest. He knew he was.”

Collins, who writes for ESPN says “Ali’s common touch was the glue that held it all together. He loved mingling with the people, hopping out of a car to playfully spar with random people on street corners or kids in playgrounds. He’d do the Ali Shuffle, crack a few jokes and make everybody feel part of him. He was the champion of celebrities and fat cats sitting ringside and champion of the downtrodden who couldn’t afford the price of a ticket.  Ali was The Greatest because he said he was, lived his life accordingly and convinced the world it was true.”

We meditate in the Spirit of all that Ali is: the greater things that we were called to be.


Support the meditation music excerpts
on i-Tunes:
Fugees, Tribe Called Quest
and Busta Rhymes
“Rumble in the Jungle”;
“A Breath of Stillness”;
R. Pytor Tchaikovsky
“Hymn of the Cherubim”;
Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai
“Becoming Human” and “Honorable Sky”;
Lady Blacksmith Mambazo
“King of Kings.”

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