THE FIRST STEP TO LEARNING HOW TO MEDITATE: Contemplating Oneness – June 2, 2016

20160528_124117Meditating is easy.
It simply is the process by which we slow down,
still our minds,
and allow ourselves
to be.

There is really nothing to it
other than breathing.
If you don’t breathe deeply
then you cannot release
the pure power of being
one with the breath of life.

After you breathe,
you allow yourself to release
and let go
of whatever you are holding onto.

Take a moment
right now
and breathe deeply.
Within each breath
is the love of the universe
breathing you.
Within each breath
is a new beginning
unwinding itself
in the heart of
you and the beauty
of what you call God,
or Spirit,
or love,
or inclusion.
God is breathing you
as the release
that you need in the fullness
of all that life is
breathing you
in all of your greatness.
Within each breath
is a prayer that answers itself.

If you listen,
you can hear God.
All you have to do
is breathe, and listen.
Inside of each breath
is the silence
of knowing.
Inside each breath
is the Spirit
of being one
with God.

Inside of God
is the pure realm of
loving grace
and the creative source
of absolute good
and the infinite supply
of inexhaustible possibilities.

Each breath
knows the love of inclusion.
Each breath is the beginning
of being one
made in the image and likeness
of him, her, ir, er
endless expressions
of divine ideas
and joy that
never ever stops
blessing and expressing
as us.

Inside of each breath
is the power of amazing choice
and awesome energy
and the counselor
and teacher
that some call our guide.
I call this wisdom
the Holy Spirit.

Inside of each breath
is forgiveness
and letting go.
If you breath in forgiveness,
you can breathe out release.
Aaaah, there it is.
Inside of each breath
is the miracle that you need
exactly when you need it.

Each breath is a meditation.
The silence between wonder,
the glory between hope,
the power between changing
and transformation.
Each breath
loves you just the way you are.
Each breath
is God, loving you
just the way you are.

This is the first step
of meditation
simply breathing
God’s love
as you.

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