LOVE BLESSES ME WITH RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS: Our Daily Meditation – April 17, 2016


Love is so all-encompassing, so energizing, so electrifying, s
o efficient, so excellent that we never have to worry
about the right people, the right lovers, the right friends, the right soul mate
s – because love will pre-pave a path of perfect partnership,
provide us with a mate in the flesh and place us
in a womb of pure abundance.
Love will put the right people on our path.
Look at Joseph.  Matthew 1:20 says that the Lord
appeared to Joseph in a dream
and said I am giving you a wife and a child.
The Bible says that what is conceived in her was from the Holy Spirit,
from love – a birth ordained by God.
We tend to be so in awe of the supernatural aspect of an immaculate conception
that we fail to see the power of love in the story.
Love gave Joseph a perfect divine mate and a baby.
Love will give us what we need and who we need to serve love.
But we have to be loving to the people put on our path for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
Let’s take this moment to bless everyone on our path –
those we loved with ease and those we prayed to forgive.
Let us send them love and fill our being with the love of those to come.

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MEDITATION MUSIC: Cordillera Breeze by Meditation Music

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  1. Sarah Ellis says:

    Love and relationships are important. We encounter a lot of people as we travel on our life journey. We will not always enjoy a lot of our present moments unless we decide to also find a way to enjoy the people who invade them.

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