I AM THE LOVE OF ENDLESS SOULS: Our Daily Meditation – February 28, 2016


When we focus on the love that we bring to others
and how we will love, bless and be of “soul service,”
as we fall more deeply in love with Spirit
by being the co-creative life force that we are here to be,
we will find that we will be blessed with an abundance of soulmates,
those whose life is also devoted to helping
divine ideas express in, as and through us
The more joyful we are in co-creating happiness for others
through the joy that we bring to ourselves,
the more open and receptive our
auras will be – the light energy of our souls
to drawing the best co-creative souls that will make us
(as us and for us) the best, most loving,
most nurturing, most devoted soulmates.

Meditation Music: Meditation Music No. 3  by Meditation Music

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