I SEE GOD IN THE BREATH OF NOW: Our Daily Meditation – January 2

The most powerful thing about meditation is that it creates a space
for us to slow down in and center ourselves in the consciousness of now.
We close our eyes and sit or lay comfortably, or we may even walk or run mindfully.
But we pay attention to the breath and how it breathes in and out.
And the only thing we think of or experience is being at the center of now.
Now is the space where we stop seeing ourselves and learn to see God.
C51Now is the energy that blesses us.
Now is the beginning where we are.
Now is the endless expression of Divine Mind constantly creating as me.
Now is the breath of Spirit breathing as me.
As we breathe, we release our thoughts
and allow Spirit to meditate as us.
In this consciousness of God, without words, or thoughts, or music,
we find the center of now.
We find the center of now.
We find the center of now.

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